Crimp Curving Machine (Vertical & Horizontal)  

Roll Forming Machines

Crimp Curving Machine (Vertical & Horizontal)

Roof Panel Crimp Curving Rollforming Machine is able to turn vertically automatically.
Pressing system is designed meticulously to create steps which have high tensility and intact paint.

Servo transmission for getting speed up to 20 M/m and pressing steps high accurately.

A wide range of Crimp Curving Machine:

  • Serpentine Roofing Crimp Curving Machine offers a complex curvature, known as an S-shaped curve, which combines a concave and convex curve;
  • Kliplok Roofing Crimp Curving Machine;
  • Seam Lock Roofing Crimp Curving Machine offers screwless crimped roofs.


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